Sunday, October 28, 2007


It is the opinion of this writer that we are all One with God, The Creator. "We are Spiritual Beings having physical experiences" has been a common refrain among spiritually minded people for awhile now and is gaining acceptance and awareness on a broader scale as more individuals become aware of their path to Spiritual enlightenment, growth and advancement.

Separatism is a point on our path (that we all spend many incarnations overcoming and moving on from) encouraging views that have always promoted an attitude that we are better that another, that our ideas or beliefs are superior to that of another's, everyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong and must change the way they think in order to conform to MY way of thinking! It's a very natural point of view when we live by the "look out for number one" rule. That rule has successivelly guided us through millennia of hardships, extreme threats and conditions, of being the hunted instead of the hunter. It has always been the key to our ability to adapt quickly to change, all but guaranteeing our survival, as a species, through the ages. There is no question, it has served us well, and continues to do so among those who are not yet prepared to take the leap of faith necessary to accept their Spiritual heritage and origins.

Inclusiveness is a point on our path where we begin to accept others, without judgement, as being One. Inclusiveness means seeing God as uncondtional love and our intention to manifest that unconditional love through our physical experiences to all we come in contact with. Inclusiveness means to see God in everything and everyone, regardless of outward appearances, beacause God is ALL of CREATION. All that exists, eternally, IS God.

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